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Inflation Came in Hot, But Consumers Remain Hotter

24 Feb 23
The Personal Consumption Expenditures price index came in hotter than expected in January, suggesting inflation will be hard to shake in 2023.
3 minutes

Women Are Fueling The Labor Force Recovery. Can It Last?

16 Feb 23
At the onset of the pandemic, females in the workforce suffered. From February to April 2020, prime-age labor force participation among women plummeted 3.5 percentage points, from 77% to 73.5%.
3 minutes

Inflationship Status? It’s Complicated

15 Feb 23
Tuesday's report was a reminder of two key things: inflation is not a single number, and never decide too much from a month’s worth of data.
2 minutes

Why Are Recruiting Costs Easing?

07 Feb 23
The same tight labor market that has plagued recruiters in the past couple years has brought job seekers back into the fold, softening recruiting costs.
4 minutes

What Threats Could Crack Cooling Inflation?

26 Jan 23
Inflation may be turning a corner but there are still some threats that could run it off the road, some of which are still unknown.
3 minutes

Wage Growth Favors Low-Wage Workers 

19 Jan 23
In the past two years, wage growth has been dramatic for low-wage workers, reducing inequality. Can this trend continue into 2023? 
2 minutes

Manufacturing’s Unlikely Demand

11 Jan 23
Demand in the manufacturing sector has withstood the Federal Reserve's combative monetary policy. Because of consumer spending and new investments, employment growth in the sector has been better than ever.
3 minutes

There is No One Labor Market

05 Jan 23
The labor market cannot be defined singularly – instead, it is a collection of industries and locations that have unique reasons and demands for workers. These micro-markets are where the real changes in supply and demand occur.
3 minute

A Year in Charts: Recruiting in 2022

23 Dec 22
For recruiters, 2022 has been a confusing years. What economic trends contributed to the difficult recruitment landscape this year?
5 minutes

A Gift of Inflation Knowledge

22 Dec 22
This year, inflation may be a hot topic around the holiday table. Here’s what you need to know to engage meaningfully in these discussions.
4 minutes

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