The Hinderance of Inadequate Child Care Services 

Time has run out on the pandemic-era child care funding program. That presents a challenge to working parents and child care providers across the country.


Is this the moment of resurgence for cities and states in the Rust Belt that suffered in recent decades due to the "China Shock"?

Industries: Discover industry-specific insights and the state of hiring in these main sectors.

We have expanded our reporting to cover Canada and the UK.


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The Hinderance of Inadequate Child Care Services 

03 Oct 23
Time has run out on the pandemic-era child care funding program. That presents a challenge to working parents and child care providers across the country.
3 minutes

Hot Labor Summer Continues Into the Fall

19 Sep 23
Organized labor has been the hottest trend lately, earning the name "hot labor summer." But this era of labor activity is far from over.
4 minutes

Taylor Swift’s Economic Impact: Do We All Need to Calm Down?  

10 Aug 23
Taylor Swift's Eras Tour has become the event of the summer, with some claiming it has saved the economy. Can popstars prevent recessions?
4 minutes

Manufacturing and Construction Have Not Only Survived but Thrived

16 Jun 23
The Federal Reserve's tightening cycle posed a threat to the manufacturing and construction sectors, but the industries have remained strong.
3 minutes

Around the World in 10 Recruiting Trends

19 May 23
Around the world, tight labor markets, economic headwinds, and new technologies have rewritten the rules of finding the right talent. Where does the world of recruiting stand now?
3 minutes

Nothing Leisurely About These Healthy Sectors

12 May 23
Employment growth in the food services and healthcare sectors has remained strong, which could help the labor market withstand a recession.
3 minutes

Inflation is in a Holding Pattern

10 May 23
Recent cooling in the economy has contributed to softer price increases in the headline numbers, but inflation remains fairly stubborn.
2 minutes

Part-Time Positions Drive Job Gains in Canada

05 May 23
Canada saw another strong month of gains in April but this time the increase was driven by part-time work.
5 minutes

Not Exactly Cool, But Cooler

20 Apr 23
Weekly initial unemployment claims rose slightly, but remain low and relatively flat. The labor market is cooling, but remains resilient.
2 minutes

Inflation is Cooling, Just Slower Than the Fed Would Like

12 Apr 23
Inflation is cooling overall, but housing inflation remains stubbornly high. This neutral report underscores the pressure still on the Fed.
3 minutes

A Spring Update on the State of Recruiting 

11 Apr 23
Since 2020, recruiting has been difficult. In 2023, recruitment pressures have eased, reducing cost-per-application and cost-per-click.
4 minutes

The Federal Reserve’s Balancing Act

22 Mar 23
As the Fed tried to balance inflationary and financial pressures, its latest hike appeared almost dovish compared to past decisions.
3 minutes

In a Tight Labor Market, Unions Are Smaller but Bolder 

20 Mar 23
Though union membership rates decreased last year, labor actions notably increased. What empowered workers in 2022?
2 minutes

Inflation Came in Hot, But Consumers Remain Hotter

24 Feb 23
The Personal Consumption Expenditures price index came in hotter than expected in January, suggesting inflation will be hard to shake in 2023.
3 minutes

Women Are Fueling The Labor Force Recovery. Can It Last?

16 Feb 23
At the onset of the pandemic, females in the workforce suffered. From February to April 2020, prime-age labor force participation among women plummeted 3.5 percentage points, from 77% to 73.5%.
3 minutes

Inflationship Status? It’s Complicated

15 Feb 23
Tuesday's report was a reminder of two key things: inflation is not a single number, and never decide too much from a month’s worth of data.
2 minutes

Why Are Recruiting Costs Easing?

07 Feb 23
The same tight labor market that has plagued recruiters in the past couple years has brought job seekers back into the fold, softening recruiting costs.
4 minutes

What Threats Could Crack Cooling Inflation?

26 Jan 23
Inflation may be turning a corner but there are still some threats that could run it off the road, some of which are still unknown.
3 minutes

Wage Growth Favors Low-Wage Workers 

19 Jan 23
In the past two years, wage growth has been dramatic for low-wage workers, reducing inequality. Can this trend continue into 2023? 
2 minutes

Manufacturing’s Unlikely Demand

11 Jan 23
Demand in the manufacturing sector has withstood the Federal Reserve's combative monetary policy. Because of consumer spending and new investments, employment growth in the sector has been better than ever.
3 minutes

There is No One Labor Market

05 Jan 23
The labor market cannot be defined singularly – instead, it is a collection of industries and locations that have unique reasons and demands for workers. These micro-markets are where the real changes in supply and demand occur.
3 minute

A Year in Charts: Recruiting in 2022

23 Dec 22
For recruiters, 2022 has been a confusing years. What economic trends contributed to the difficult recruitment landscape this year?
5 minutes

A Gift of Inflation Knowledge

22 Dec 22
This year, inflation may be a hot topic around the holiday table. Here’s what you need to know to engage meaningfully in these discussions.
4 minutes

Strong Consumer Demand Boosts Hiring Demand in Food Services

20 Dec 22
The Accommodation and Food Services sector added 78,000 new jobs last month. Strong consumer demand for services continues to bolster labor demand in the industry.

Retail Sales Are Disappointing So Far This Holiday Season

16 Dec 22
Retail sales fell by 0.6% in November, suggesting the season of giving is turning into the season of cutting back.
2 minutes

The Fed Is Hesitant to Claim Success on Inflation Deceleration

15 Dec 22
The pace of price increases slowed in November, but Federal Reserve officials remain on edge, delivering pessimistic projections.
4 minutes

Recent Tech Headlines Deserved an Asterisk 

09 Dec 22
Big tech companies have announced historic layoffs in the past month, but recent data proves that they are not the whole industry.
2 minutes

Labor Market Conditions Softening Slowly

30 Nov 22
Job openings fell in October, continuing to suggest cooling in the labor market. However, both openings and quits remain historically elevated.
3 minutes

Warehousing Sector Loses Its Powerhouse Status

#US # News
23 Nov 22
Warehousing suffered in October, reflecting the shifting preferences of consumers towards services and away from goods. The sector lost 20,000 jobs, its worst month since April 2020.
2 minutes

The Future of Recruiting: Worker Power Today and in 2030

21 Nov 22
A survey of worker power in three large economies shows that benefits of the tight labor market are not equivalent.
4 minutes

The Invisible Tech Layoffs

17 Nov 22
Recently, major tech companies have engaged in devastating layoffs. But, the tech sector is still adding jobs and jobless claims remain low.
2 minutes

Inflation May Have Turned a Corner

10 Nov 22
Inflation, even the less volatile core measure, cooled in October, which is encouraging news for both the Federal Reserve and consumers.
3 minutes

Retail Sector Is Naturally Trimming Its Workforce

08 Nov 22
The elevated quits rate in retail allows employers to naturally decrease the size of their workforces just by cutting back on hiring.
2 minutes

Interest Rate Hikes Pack a Lagged Punch

#News # US
02 Nov 22
The Federal Reserve is working hard to slow the economy, but consistent rate hikes have yet to curb inflation.
3 minutes

Job Openings Rebound, But Underlying Cooling Continues

01 Nov 22
Job openings jumped in September after a dramatic decrease the month before. But wider turnover trends hint at a slowly cooling labor market.
3 minutes

Growth Rebounded, Despite Housing Market Slowdown

27 Oct 22
Early estimates of Q3 GDP show a rebound in growth, despite interest rate increases deterring housing market investment.
4 minutes

Healthcare Openings Cool

25 Oct 22
Healthcare openings are declining, but recruiting costs remain stubbornly high.
2 minutes

Housing Demand Slows, but Construction Employment Steady

24 Oct 22
Construction employment trends in September showed strength despite economic confusion. Download the sector's Labor Market Snapshot for more!
1 minute

Unemployment Claims Falling Back to Earth

20 Oct 22
Initial jobless claims – a proxy for layoffs – decreased last week, evidence that the labor market is still very tight.
2 minutes

Recruitment Challenges Encourage Labor Hoarding

19 Oct 22
Discouraged by the state of recruiting in an overheated market, employers are hoarding labor as uncertainty mounts.
4 minutes

Are Workers Returning? Depends on Their Age

18 Oct 22
Labor force participation still lags behind its pre-pandemic level, but some age groups are faring better than others.
3 minutes

Food Services Shifts Reflect Larger Market Trends

11 Oct 22
Recent turnover and wage trends for restaurant workers hint at more substantial changes across the labor market.
4 minutes

A “Job-Full” Recession?

06 Oct 22
What would a potential recession look like in this period of high inflation and high labor demand? Looking back to 1973 may hold some clues.
3 minutes

Turbulence in the United Kingdom

30 Sep 22
It’s been a turbulent week for the United Kingdom. Puzzling financial policy and political drama latched onto an ongoing energy crisis and a tight labour market, triggering volatility not seen in at least 20 years. 
6 minutes

Retail Sector Responds to Uncertainty

28 Sep 22
Retailers face uncertainty heading into the holiday season. Several factors will impact their seasonal hiring goals this year.
3 minutes

Fighting Inflation Will Cause Further Pain

22 Sep 22
New projections from the Federal Reserve show increased unemployment and decreased growth will be necessary to bring down inflation. 
2 minutes

Looking North: Canadian Labour Market Insights

15 Sep 22
Canada is facing economic challenges similar to its southern neighbour’s: tight labour market conditions and decades-high inflation.
3 minutes

Headline Inflation Falling, but Core Prices Rebound

14 Sep 22
In August, prices were up 8.3% from the year before, and less volatile core measures remained stubbornly high.
3 minutes

Have Warehousing Jobs Peaked?

07 Sep 22
The sector’s employment gains have plateaued after two years of impressive, pandemic-driven growth. Why has the boom petered out?
3 minutes

What Does The Typical Worker Have in Common With Harry Styles? 

01 Sep 22
Harry Styles may not be a typical worker but he has one important thing in common with workers across the United States: they’re both in high demand and likely to give up the commute.
4 minutes

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