Finding Meaning and Purpose in Today’s Work Landscape

Employees desire meaningful work, but not every worker finds purpose within their professions. What can employers do to help curate purpose?


The strikes in the auto industry impacted job growth this month, as the labor market added 150,000 jobs and the unemployment rate ticked up to 3.9%.

Industries: Discover industry-specific insights and the state of hiring in these main sectors.

We have expanded our reporting to cover Canada and the UK.


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The Dire State of National Healthcare in the UK

13 Jul 23
The UK's National Health System is stretched dangerously thin, with waiting lines so long people's lives are at risk. The lack of health services is also hurting the labor market.
5 minutes

Nothing Leisurely About These Healthy Sectors

12 May 23
Employment growth in the food services and healthcare sectors has remained strong, which could help the labor market withstand a recession.
3 minutes

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