What You’ll Find: Coverage on the UK labour market, and insights on the tumultuous economy shaping it.

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Demography is Destiny

16 Mar 23
The post-pandemic labor market has been extremely tight with many vacancies left unfilled.
5 minutes

In the United Kingdom, Consumers Perk Up

28 Feb 23
In the UK, consumer confidence and business sentiment are gradually increasing, as the economy continues to evade a massive downturn.
4 minutes

The United Kingdom Is Missing Workers

23 Feb 23
Economic growth in the United Kingdom depends on the strength of the labor force. But Brexit, demographic declines, and long-term health issues threaten that strength.
4 minutes

Unfortunately, Hard And Soft Data Agree In The UK 

10 Feb 23
While soft and hard data are disconnected in other countries, the United Kingdom is doing just as poorly as workers and businesses believe.
5 minutes

The BoE’s Renewed “Optimism” About the Economic Outlook

02 Feb 23
The Bank of England's new economic projections show much less pessimism about the labor market and economic growth in the short term.
3 minutes

Will the Bank of England Engineer a Long-Lasting Recession? 

25 Jan 23
While a U.K. recession is highly likely, there is a lot of uncertainty on how deep and prolonged the economic downturn will be.
5 minutes

Is the UK Headed for a White-Collar Recession? 

20 Jan 23
Even though the British economy is in a downturn, the labor market might hold up better this time than during the typical recession, especially since there is still a shortage of blue-collar jobs due to Brexit.
4 minutes

Turbulence in the United Kingdom

30 Sep 22
It’s been a turbulent week for the United Kingdom. Puzzling financial policy and political drama latched onto an ongoing energy crisis and a tight labour market, triggering volatility not seen in at least 20 years. 
6 minutes

Economic Storm Clouds Gathering Around the World

16 Aug 22
Countries across the world are facing high inflation, economic fallout from a pandemic, and an energy crisis caused by the war in Ukraine.
3 minutes

Anarchy in the U.K.: Labour Shortages Amid Soaring Inflation

19 May 22
Demand for workers is about 60% above its pre-COVID level. The paradox is that while the U.K. labour market is extremely ‘tight’ – a good thing for workers – those same workers are suffering from a cost of living crisis.
3 minutes

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