What You’ll Find: Coverage on the UK labour market, and insights on the tumultuous economy shaping it.

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Turbulence in the United Kingdom

30 Sep 22
It’s been a turbulent week for the United Kingdom. Puzzling financial policy and political drama latched onto an ongoing energy crisis and a tight labour market, triggering volatility not seen in at least 20 years. 
6 minutes

Economic Storm Clouds Gathering Around the World

16 Aug 22
Countries across the world are facing high inflation, economic fallout from a pandemic, and an energy crisis caused by the war in Ukraine.
3 minutes

Anarchy in the U.K.: Labour Shortages Amid Soaring Inflation

19 May 22
Demand for workers is about 60% above its pre-COVID level. The paradox is that while the U.K. labour market is extremely ‘tight’ – a good thing for workers – those same workers are suffering from a cost of living crisis.
3 minutes

The Looming Economic Challenge Most People Aren’t Aware Of

11 May 22
How does economic growth happen? It’s a hard question to answer but economists have tried for centuries. Perhaps the most famous model came from MIT economist Robert Solow in 1956. The Solow growth model specifies three factors that fuel growth: productivity, capital, and labor. 
2 minutes

UK Labour Shortages Persist, As Inflation Outruns Wage Gains

18 Feb 22
Employers face stiff competition for workers amid labour shortages.
1 minute read

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