Retail Snapshot

02 Feb 23

Employment Growth Is Rocky in Retail

Employment Trends in Retail

Retail gained a moderate 9,000 jobs in December, rounding out a tumultuous year for the sector. Month to month, retail lost then gained jobs back again. In the last quarter of 2022 – a time usually defined by robust seasonal hiring – the sector lost 10,100 jobs. Consumers reduced their retail spending in November and December, a time where spending normally soars. As consumers slim down their budgets, they are focused more on services after a pandemic-driven bump in demand for goods.

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The BoE’s Renewed “Optimism” About the Economic Outlook

02 Feb 23
The Bank of England's new economic projections show much less pessimism about the labor market and economic growth in the short term.
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Slowing Wage Growth Is Actually a Good Thing

31 Jan 23
Wage growth slowed in the fourth quarter of 2022, encouraging news for Federal Reserve officials worried about too strong growth.
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