Healthcare Snapshot

02 Feb 23

Can Healthcare’s Powerhouse Status Hold?

Healthcare Labor Snapshot

Employment Trends in Healthcare

Healthcare and social assistance had another strong month in December, ending a year of spectacular gains, by adding 74,400 jobs. The sector gained an average of 49,000 jobs per month in 2022, far above the average monthly gain of 9,000 in 2021. This huge shift can perhaps be contributed to a shift in COVID-19 sentiment. Certainly, concerns about the pandemic factored less into job seekers’ search process in 2022, making healthcare jobs look more desirable.

Last year, these gains brought healthcare employment above pre-pandemic levels. Despite that, there’s still shortages across the United States, prompting nursing strikes across the country. So, healthcare employers are still looking to hire and build even stronger and resilient workforces.

As for subsectors, ambulatory and health services and social assistance led the gains in healthcare and social services.

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