Healthcare Snapshot

04 May 23

Healthcare Takes a Breath but It’s Still Running

Healthcare Labor Snapshot

Employment Trends in Healthcare

Demand may be shaky across the greater labor market, but the healthcare labor market remains strong. The healthcare sector struggled to recoup its losses following the COVID-19 recession but in 2022 became a powerhouse sector in terms of employment gains. The sector continued to add workers in the first quarter of 2023, but the last month of the quarter showed some signs of slowing, along with the rest of the labor market. The healthcare and social assistance sector added a strong 50,800 new jobs in March but that’s down from the average pace last year. Healthcare, specifically, added 33,900 compared to the average of 54,000 over the last six months.

No subsector shows signs of outright stalling, but each performed below their average over the last three months through March. Ambulatory health services added 15,000 jobs, hospitals 10,900, and nursing and residential care facilities 8,000. These impressive numbers speak to continued strong demand in healthcare.

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