Finding Meaning and Purpose in Today’s Work Landscape

Employees desire meaningful work, but not every worker finds purpose within their professions. What can employers do to help curate purpose?


The strikes in the auto industry impacted job growth this month, as the labor market added 150,000 jobs and the unemployment rate ticked up to 3.9%.

Industries: Discover industry-specific insights and the state of hiring in these main sectors.

We have expanded our reporting to cover Canada and the UK.


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Age and Remote Work Preferences: Dispelling the Myths  

07 Nov 23
Many assume young workers are driving the push towards remote work, but age alone does not determine whether one is working onsite or not.
4 minutes

Keynes’ Imagined Utopia Isn’t Quite Here… Yet 

01 Nov 23
A century ago, John Maynard Keynes envisioned a future world where a 15-hour work week was the norm. Was he really so far off the mark?
4 minutes

“Greedflation” Isn’t to Blame for High Inflation

29 Sep 23
Corporate greed has been wrongly blamed for this bout of inflation. Greedflation isn't the problem. Excess growth and labor shortages are.
5 minutes

Southern Europe Booms as the North Vacations 

23 Aug 23
After years of stagnation following the Eurozone crisis, Southern Europe has turned the tables and is now outperforming the rest of the Eurozone.
4 minutes

The Employment Boom in Ireland 

02 Aug 23
Ireland was predicted to fall victim to American tech companies' slowdown earlier this year, but employment has held up strongly.
4 minutes

Ukrainian Refugees Boost Poland’s Barren Workforce  

23 Jun 23
A massive inflow of Ukrainian refugees has boosted Poland’s labor supply and is contributing to its economy outperforming the rest of Europe.
5 minutes

Leprechaun Economics: The Irish Growth Miracle 

16 May 23
How can a country with five million inhabitants distort the GDP of Europe, an economic area with more than 340 million people?
5 minutes

Eurozone Inflation is More Than Just a Commodity Shock – it’s Excessive Demand! 

25 Apr 23
Eurozone inflation remains too hot, but commodity prices and distorted supply chains are no longer the causes. It's excess demand.
5 minutes

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