Weapons, Wine, and Beauty Products: The French Economy is Hot 

The French economy has been outperforming thanks to fashionable exports, favorable demographics, and an attractive investment environment.


In a shift from the recent trend of a steadying labor market, Canada's job market experienced a setback in March, shedding 2,220 positions.

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We have expanded our reporting to cover Canada and the UK.


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What You’ll Find: Throughout history, automation has driven productivity increases. Technological advancements will forever impact the labor market, and we explain why this matters, and predict what’s next.

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Will ChatGPT be labor-augmenting or labor-displacing? The technology has the potential to create a new type of laborer: the Centaur Worker.
6 minutes
Ireland was predicted to fall victim to American tech companies' slowdown earlier this year, but employment has held up strongly.
4 minutes
While there is no doubt new AI technologies like ChatGPT will boost productivity, history tells us it could take some time.
4 minutes
Big tech companies have announced historic layoffs in the past month, but recent data proves that they are not the whole industry.
2 minutes
Recently, major tech companies have engaged in devastating layoffs. But, the tech sector is still adding jobs and jobless claims remain low.
2 minutes
Since the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, it has been estimated that 50% of paid hours were done remotely, compared to just 5% pre-pandemic.
1 minute read
The U.S. economy added a shocking 467,000 net new jobs in January 2022, far above expectations, despite the surge of Omicron cases that saw 15 million people get COVID last month.
4 minute read

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