Time has run out on the pandemic-era child care funding program. That presents a challenge to working parents and child care providers across the country.


Is this the moment of resurgence for cities and states in the Rust Belt that suffered in recent decades due to the "China Shock"?

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Canada’s Population is Booming, but is Employment Keeping Pace? 

08 Sep 23
Canada's labor market is cooling, but population growth in the country remains strong. Unemployed workers face a more difficult hiring landscape.
2 minutes

Canada’s Rocky Road: A Labor Market Journey 

04 Aug 23
After a strong jobs report in June, the Canadian labor market lost 6,000 jobs in July, but underlying trends remain strong.
3 minutes

The Beating Heart of the Canadian Economy Pumps On 

07 Jul 23
The Canadian labor market came back roaring in June, adding an impressive 60,000 net new jobs.
3 minutes

Canada’s Path to Growth: Immigration Is the Way 

27 Jun 23
Canada’s liberal immigration policies are a success story. The country’s population recently reached 40 million, surpassing that of California.
4 minutes

Schools Out, but no Summer Jobs in Sight in Canada

09 Jun 23
The Canadian labor market is showing signs of trouble. In May, employment dropped, and Gen Z students are partially to blame.
2 minutes

Part-Time Positions Drive Job Gains in Canada

05 May 23
Canada saw another strong month of gains in April but this time the increase was driven by part-time work.
5 minutes

Let Canada Cook

06 Apr 23
With low unemployment and a booming service industry, the Canadian labor market continues to show strength, despite recessionary fears. Overall, the Canadian labor market added 35,000 new jobs, a 0.2% increase from last month’s gains. 
3 minutes

Demography is Destiny

16 Mar 23
The post-pandemic labor market has been extremely tight with many vacancies left unfilled.
5 minutes

Canada’s Labor Market Sweet as Syrup

10 Mar 23
The Canadian economy added 22,000 jobs last month. Though subdued compared to January, this data shows continued labor market strength.
2 minutes

Looking North: Canadian Labour Market Insights

15 Sep 22
Canada is facing economic challenges similar to its southern neighbour’s: tight labour market conditions and decades-high inflation.
3 minutes

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