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Too Much of a Good Thing

02 Dec 22
The U.S. job market may be too strong, despite headlines of tech layoffs and fears of recession. Employment gains exceeded expectations in November, while wage growth was super strong.
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Labor Market Conditions Softening Slowly

30 Nov 22
Job openings fell in October, continuing to suggest cooling in the labor market. However, both openings and quits remain historically elevated.
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Warehousing Sector Loses Its Powerhouse Status

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23 Nov 22
Warehousing suffered in October, reflecting the shifting preferences of consumers towards services and away from goods. The sector lost 20,000 jobs, its worst month since April 2020.
2 minutes

The Future of Recruiting: Worker Power Today and in 2030

21 Nov 22
A survey of worker power in three large economies shows that benefits of the tight labor market are not equivalent.
4 minutes

The Invisible Tech Layoffs

17 Nov 22
Recently, major tech companies have engaged in devastating layoffs. But, the tech sector is still adding jobs and jobless claims remain low.
2 minutes

It Pays to Be Transparent

14 Nov 22
Pay transparency laws are sweeping the nation and changing the world of recruiting. How do these shifting norms impacts recruiters?
4 minutes

Inflation May Have Turned a Corner

10 Nov 22
Inflation, even the less volatile core measure, cooled in October, which is encouraging news for both the Federal Reserve and consumers.
3 minutes

Retail Sector Is Naturally Trimming Its Workforce

08 Nov 22
The elevated quits rate in retail allows employers to naturally decrease the size of their workforces just by cutting back on hiring.
2 minutes

Labor Market Is A Bright Spot But It’s Not All Sunny

04 Nov 22
In October, 261,000 net new jobs were created – but the unemployment rate increased to 3.7% from 3.5 (which was a 50-year low).
5 minutes

Interest Rate Hikes Pack a Lagged Punch

#News # US
02 Nov 22
The Federal Reserve is working hard to slow the economy, but consistent rate hikes have yet to curb inflation.
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