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Demography is Destiny

16 Mar 23
The post-pandemic labor market has been extremely tight with many vacancies left unfilled.
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The Fed’s Dilemma: Financial Distress or Entrenched Inflation?

14 Mar 23
Silicon Valley Bank’s failure from a lightning-quick bank run on March 10, the second largest in US history, has spooked financial markets.

Hitting The Snooze Button on the Recession Alarm Clock 

10 Mar 23
In February, the U.S. economy added 311,000 jobs, exceeding market expectations. Job gains and the labor market overall remain very strong.
4 minutes

Canada’s Labor Market Sweet as Syrup

10 Mar 23
The Canadian economy added 22,000 jobs last month. Though subdued compared to January, this data shows continued labor market strength.
2 minutes

The Great Labor Market Rebalancing

01 Mar 23
In 2022, the labor market was unpredictable. The labor market rebalance in 2023 will see a return to center for "out of whack" industries.
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In the United Kingdom, Consumers Perk Up

28 Feb 23
In the UK, consumer confidence and business sentiment are gradually increasing, as the economy continues to evade a massive downturn.
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Inflation Came in Hot, But Consumers Remain Hotter

24 Feb 23
The Personal Consumption Expenditures price index came in hotter than expected in January, suggesting inflation will be hard to shake in 2023.
3 minutes

The United Kingdom Is Missing Workers

23 Feb 23
Economic growth in the United Kingdom depends on the strength of the labor force. But Brexit, demographic declines, and long-term health issues threaten that strength.
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Women Are Fueling The Labor Force Recovery. Can It Last?

16 Feb 23
At the onset of the pandemic, females in the workforce suffered. From February to April 2020, prime-age labor force participation among women plummeted 3.5 percentage points, from 77% to 73.5%.
3 minutes

Inflationship Status? It’s Complicated

15 Feb 23
Tuesday's report was a reminder of two key things: inflation is not a single number, and never decide too much from a month’s worth of data.
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