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These reports combine Appcast’s massive set of recruitment data with the latest information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Our hope is that these resources will transform the way you approach hiring in today’s complex labor market.

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Q1 2024 Labor Market Snapshot Reports

Q1 2024

Finance & Insurance Snapshot

After climbing strongly following subtle job losses during the pandemic, the finance and insurance sector seems to have peaked in 2023, at least for now.

Q1 2024

Technology Snapshot

In 2023, the industry witnessed a notable trend of layoffs across numerous big tech companies. The demand for tech roles experienced a decline throughout the year…

Q1 2024

Transportation & Warehousing Snapshot

Once again, the transportation and warehousing sector had a disappointing quarter, dragged down by the dwindling warehousing sector.

Q1 2024

Retail Snapshot

Even in the holiday season, the retail sector couldn’t escape the volatility it experienced throughout all of 2023.

Q1 2024

Manufacturing Snapshot

The manufacturing sector experienced a notable decline in job additions during the fourth quarter, primarily attributed to strike activity in the auto industry.

Q1 2024

Healthcare Snapshot

For recruiters, winning over talent within the healthcare sector presents persistent challenges, with the environment remaining notably difficult.

Q1 2024

Accommodation & Food Service Snapshot

The accommodation and food services sector had another strong quarter, adding 28,400 net new jobs in December to close out the year.

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