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Wage Growth Favors Low-Wage Workers 

19 Jan 23
In the past two years, wage growth has been dramatic for low-wage workers, reducing inequality. Can this trend continue into 2023? 
2 minutes

Are Workers Returning? Depends on Their Age

18 Oct 22
Labor force participation still lags behind its pre-pandemic level, but some age groups are faring better than others.
3 minutes

Parents are Suffering from Weak Recovery in Child Care Jobs

19 Jul 22
Employment in child day care services has yet to recover from the COVID-19 shock. Parents of young children are suffering – but recruiters can help.
2 minutes

Party Like It’s 1998

23 Jun 22
The bottom 25% of earners are gaining wages at the highest rate since 1998. Gains made by first quartile earners are outpacing those of higher quartiles by at least a full percent. 
2 minutes

The Looming Economic Challenge Most People Aren’t Aware Of

11 May 22
How does economic growth happen? It’s a hard question to answer but economists have tried for centuries. Perhaps the most famous model came from MIT economist Robert Solow in 1956. The Solow growth model specifies three factors that fuel growth: productivity, capital, and labor. 
2 minutes

The Not So Great Resignation

12 Apr 22
Quits rates are at an all time high, reaching 3.0% in November of 2021. Interpreting this trend has two camps: a cultural shift where people have a lower willingness to work, or a cyclic pattern exhibited during times of quick economic recovery.
1 minute read

Omicron Isn’t Holding Back a Red-Hot Labor Market

04 Feb 22
The U.S. economy added a shocking 467,000 net new jobs in January 2022, far above expectations, despite the surge of Omicron cases that saw 15 million people get COVID last month.
4 minute read

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