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Couples in different advanced economies face different opportunity costs when it comes to children, creating different pockets of DINKs across the globe.


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A Tour of a Holiday Home, Told Through Charts 

Author: Liz Anderson
22 Dec 23

Happy holidays from Recruitonomics!

Ah, the holiday season: The most wonderful time of the year! We decided to spark some holiday cheer by finding the most festive charts we could. Consider this a tour of a home decked out in Christmas joy.  

Around the table 

Whether you’re celebrating solo or hosting a party of dozens, odds are you’ll be buying a holiday meal (or already have!). When you do, you might notice that inflation has impacted your spending power for the main course. If you’re reading from the United States, prices for beef and veal products are up 31% from January 2020 after rising for much of this year. You’re in luck if your guests prefer ham: inflation has slowed throughout 2023 for ham products, now up just 17% from 2020. Wages are actually outpacing the price growth of ham now. We couldn’t find the inflation rate for “roast beast,” but it’s safe to assume that even the residents of Whoville are facing increased costs for holiday cheer.  

Under the tree  

The meal isn’t the star of the show for children around the holidays. Instead, it’s the toys wrapped under the tree. For years, the price index of toys and games was relatively stagnant but jumped in 2020. In 2023, the price index for classic presents steadied again, now up 13% from January 2020. Wages have outpaced the growth; perhaps the presents under the tree will be less of a strain this year.  

At the bottom of the stairs 

…Or next to the fireplace, or beside the couch, wherever you keep your tree! If you opt for a plastic tree, it may have had a different country of origin this year. The import of artificial Christmas trees from China peaked in 2022 and did not reach the same level in 2023. Simultaneously, imports of artificial trees from Mexico grew impressively in the past year. Of course, China’s exports are larger by magnitudes, but the growth from Mexico is an interesting thing to consider in a period when economic relations with China are being scrutinized more and more.  

Up on the rooftop 

What’s Christmas without a little caroling? As you sing about Rudolph, you can totally lift the mood even further by telling everyone that those occupied in fur and reindeer production are quite happy with their employment situation! In 2023, there were fewer job seekers in Finland from the occupation, suggesting less turnover for the jolly profession.  

I hope you enjoyed the tour of a holiday home, told through charts. Happy holidays and have a safe, healthy New Year!  

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Couples in different advanced economies face different opportunity costs when it comes to children, creating different pockets of DINKs across the globe.
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Raising kids has become increasingly expensive but not necessarily in the way that you think. Women increasingly choose career over babies – welcome to the DINK phenomenon.
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