The Hinderance of Inadequate Child Care Services 

Time has run out on the pandemic-era child care funding program. That presents a challenge to working parents and child care providers across the country.


Is this the moment of resurgence for cities and states in the Rust Belt that suffered in recent decades due to the "China Shock"?

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Layered Risks to a Likely Soft Landing  

22 Sep 23
Inflation has subsided, while the economy has been surprisingly strong. A soft landing looks likely, but there are still some risks.
5 minutes

As Summer Ends, the Labor Market Cools

01 Sep 23
The U.S. labor market is clearly cooling. In August, the economy added 187,000 net new jobs and the gains in June and July were revised down.
3 minutes

Slow But Steady: The US Jobs Market Continues to Grow

07 Jul 23
The U.S. labor market is slowing, gradually. In June, the US economy added 209,000 jobs and the unemployment rate ticked down to 3.6%.
4 minutes

The Fed Acknowledges a Recession is Unlikely This Year

14 Jun 23
After ten consecutive increases, the Federal Reserve paused its rate hike cycle on Wednesday, easing recession fears.
3 minutes

Hiring Slowdown? Not in May!

02 Jun 23
Maybe the U.S. job market’s hot streak isn’t slowing after all! The labor market defied expectations once again, adding 339,000 jobs in May.
4 minutes

Divisive Politics, Uneasy Economics: Polarization’s Impacts on the US Economy

26 May 23
Political polarization is hurting the U.S. economy. The debt ceiling standoff is just the latest – and most dangerous – example.
4 minutes

US Jobs Market Beats Expectations Once Again

05 May 23
The jobs market remains strong! In April, payroll employment rose by 253,000 and the unemployment rate fell to a half-century low of 3.4%.
4 minutes

Consumer Spending is the Firewall Against a Recession 

28 Apr 23
A tight labor market continues to deliver steady income growth, even in the face of entrenched inflation; that income growth is powering consumer spending, and that spending is holding up an otherwise lackluster economy.
4 minutes

The US Job Market is Cooling on Cue

07 Apr 23
The U.S. added 236,000 jobs in March and the unemployment rate ticked down to 3.5%, signs of a strong but cooling labor market. This is what the Fed wants to see to justify the ending its cycle of rate hikes.
3 minutes

Why Do Some Economists Believe A Recession Can Be Avoided?

04 Apr 23
Though a majority of economists expect a recession in 2023, some still believe in a soft landing scenario. Here's Recruitonomics' case for no recession.
4 minutes

Why Economists Believe A Recession Is Likely in 2023

31 Mar 23
A majority of economists believe a recession is likely in 2023, but they may not have enough faith in the Fed's inflation-fighting abilities.
5 minutes

The Fed’s Dilemma: Financial Distress or Entrenched Inflation?

14 Mar 23
Silicon Valley Bank’s failure from a lightning-quick bank run on March 10, the second largest in US history, has spooked financial markets.

Hitting The Snooze Button on the Recession Alarm Clock  

10 Mar 23
In February, the U.S. economy added 311,000 jobs, exceeding market expectations. Job gains and the labor market overall remain very strong.
4 minutes

The US Economy Shrugged Off A “Vibecession” Last Year 

09 Feb 23
There is a confounding disconnect between soft and hard data in the US. Gloomy consumers and businesses created a "vibecession" last year, even though the hard data was strong.
3 minutes

A “Wow” Jobs Report

03 Feb 23
The U.S. economy added an astonishing 517,000 net new jobs in January; last month's jobs report was almost too good to be true.
3 minutes

Slowing Wage Growth Is Actually a Good Thing

31 Jan 23
Wage growth slowed in the fourth quarter of 2022, encouraging news for Federal Reserve officials worried about too strong growth.
2 minutes

Are We Witnessing “Immaculate Disinflation”?

13 Jan 23
Today's inflation will determine tomorrow's labor market. What does the latest CPI report mean for 2023's economy?
4 minutes

2022 Ends On A Great Note

06 Jan 23
The U.S. job market ended 2022 with better-than-expected job growth, a 50-year low in the unemployment rate, and encouraging wage growth trends for the Fed’s fight against inflation
4 minutes

Too Much of a Good Thing

02 Dec 22
The U.S. job market may be too strong, despite headlines of tech layoffs and fears of recession. Employment gains exceeded expectations in November, while wage growth was super strong.
3 minutes

Labor Market Is A Bright Spot But It’s Not All Sunny

04 Nov 22
In October, 261,000 net new jobs were created – but the unemployment rate increased to 3.7% from 3.5 (which was a 50-year low).
5 minutes

Calm Under The Chaos: Spending Steady And Wage Growth Moderating

28 Oct 22
Our understanding of the economy is potentially at an inflection point. New data will give insights on the underlying calm of current chaos.
3 minutes

Inflation Is Stubbornly High And Seeping Into Services

13 Oct 22
Rising core and services prices in September remind us that inflation will not go gentle into that good night.
4 minutes

Resilient Labor Market Despite Three Shifts

07 Oct 22
The U.S. economy is facing three important shifts, but the labor market remains resilient, adding 263k jobs in September.
4 minutes

The Labor Market Is Cooling Without Layoffs (So Far)

04 Oct 22
In August, job openings fell dramatically. The tight labor market of the last two years may finally be cooling off without layoffs increasing.
4 minutes

The Fed Must Be Thrilled With This Jobs Report

02 Sep 22
Moderating wage gains, an increased labor force participation rate, and steady employment gains make for an encouraging August jobs report.
5 minutes

A Perfect 10 Jobs Report

05 Aug 22
The July jobs report obliterated expectations, with 528,000 net new jobs. This marks a full employment recovery from the COVID-19 recession.
5 minutes

Can The US Be In A Recession With Such Strong Job Growth? 

28 Jul 22
Over 2.7 million people were hired in the first half of 2022 – a shockingly good number. Yet there seems to be a chorus of negative economic news recently.
3 minutes

No Sign of a Recession in June Jobs Report

08 Jul 22
The Fed is happy to see strong payroll gains and moderating wage growth in the June jobs report. Payroll gains of 372,000 and the unemployment rate remaining at 3.6% is simply a great jobs report.
5 minutes

Is Wage Growth Driving Inflation Higher?

10 Jun 22
No, not yet. Higher worker pay isn’t the main culprit behind inflation, but some warning signs suggest that could be the case later this year.
3 minutes

Jobs Recovery Is In The Home Stretch

03 Jun 22
The U.S. economy added a solid 390,000 net new jobs in May 2022. The unemployment rate remained unchanged at 3.6%, nearly a 50-year low.
5 minutes

Demand For Workers Remained Strong In April

01 Jun 22
Employers are still desperate for workers. Layoffs are rare, despite anecdotes to the contrary. Quitting remained elevated, but the “Great Resignation” isn’t getting worse (for now).
3 minutes

Anarchy in the U.K.: Labour Shortages Amid Soaring Inflation

19 May 22
Demand for workers is about 60% above its pre-COVID level. The paradox is that while the U.K. labour market is extremely ‘tight’ – a good thing for workers – those same workers are suffering from a cost of living crisis.
3 minutes

The Looming Economic Challenge Most People Aren’t Aware Of

11 May 22
How does economic growth happen? It’s a hard question to answer but economists have tried for centuries. Perhaps the most famous model came from MIT economist Robert Solow in 1956. The Solow growth model specifies three factors that fuel growth: productivity, capital, and labor. 
2 minutes

Hiring Pace Remains Brisk, While Wage Growth and Job Seeker Participation Cools

06 May 22
Despite ongoing conflict in Europe and the highest inflationary period since the early 1980’s, the US labor market continues to grow briskly.
4 minute read

Teachers Are Quitting At Record-High Rates

03 May 22
It’s Teacher Appreciation Week, but some educators aren’t feeling so appreciated.
2 minutes

Two Ways High Inflation Shapes Recruiting

28 Apr 22
Prices are rising – fast. After nearly three decades of stable prices, the US economy is experiencing a surge of inflation.

Welcome to Recruitonomics: Data-Driven Insights For An Evolving World of Work

20 Apr 22
Welcome to Recruitonomics, a destination for data-driven insights to make sense of an evolving world of work.
2 minute read

Recruitment Marketing Update, Q1 2022: Costs Eased Despite Tight Labor Market

19 Apr 22
Recruiting became less expensive in Q1 2022, despite it being a workers’ market.
3 minute read

Yes, People Still Want To Work – A Strong Labor Supply Rebound Is Underway

19 Apr 22
After the initial COVID shock to the US economy, the bounceback in job growth has been remarkable. There remains an unsatiated appetite to hire by US employers.
5 minute read

Stellar Numbers Post-Omicron Indicate Strong Job Market Fundamentals

04 Mar 22
In the period after a peak Omicron surge and before war broke out in Eastern Europe, the US labor market recovery accelerated, as hiring ramped up and more people returned to the labor force.
5 minute read

UK Labour Shortages Persist, As Inflation Outruns Wage Gains

18 Feb 22
Employers face stiff competition for workers amid labour shortages.
1 minute read

Why Are Recruiting Costs Skyrocketing?

07 Feb 22
The COVID recession that began in 2020 and the subsequent recovery through 2021 has been unlike anything in U.S. economic history.
3 minute read

Omicron Isn’t Holding Back a Red-Hot Labor Market

04 Feb 22
The U.S. economy added a shocking 467,000 net new jobs in January 2022, far above expectations, despite the surge of Omicron cases that saw 15 million people get COVID last month.
4 minute read

Despite a Weak December Jobs Report, 2021 Was a Strong Year

07 Jan 22
Workers who want a job are getting them, but employer demand is slowing a bit from the frenetic pace of job gains earlier in 2021.
5 minute read

Conflicting Signals of Weak Employer Hiring and Surging Worker Participation

03 Dec 21
4 minute read

Surge in Hiring Reflects Strong Demand, But Labor Force Has Not Yet Recovered

05 Nov 21
The U.S. created 531,000 net new jobs, and previous months’ numbers were revised upward.
2 minute read

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