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Canada’s Labor Market Sweet as Syrup

10 Mar 23
The Canadian economy added 22,000 jobs last month. Though subdued compared to January, this data shows continued labor market strength.
2 minutes

The Great Labor Market Rebalancing

01 Mar 23
In 2022, the labor market was unpredictable. The labor market rebalance in 2023 will see a return to center for "out of whack" industries.
4 minutes

It Pays to Be Transparent

14 Nov 22
Pay transparency laws are sweeping the nation and changing the world of recruiting. How do these shifting norms impacts recruiters?
4 minutes

The Fed’s Pessimistic Outlook for 2023

27 Sep 22
The Fed's updated economic projections for 2023 and beyond featured slower growth and higher unemployment, but is this outlook a guarantee?
3 minutes

Recruitonomics Presents: Labor Market Snapshots

13 Sep 22
Our new Labor Market Snapshots will help recruiters understand the economic forces shaping their recruitment challenges.
1 minute

Inflation Isn’t a Single Number

18 Aug 22
July’s inflation numbers have sparked a debate within the economics world. Should inflation be discussed as a year over year change? Or month over month?
2 minutes

Does Colorado’s Pay Transparency Law Help Recruiters?

02 Aug 22
Pay is the most important factor when searching for a job. Salary transparency laws will help job seekers, but what's the impact on employers?
7 minutes

The Challenge of Measuring Economic Activity

26 May 22
Determining how the economy is performing is surprisingly difficult. COVID-19 made economists' jobs even harder, requiring them to develop entirely new methods to measure trends in the labor market.
2 minutes

The US Housing Crunch’s Impact on Recruiting

20 Apr 22
It’s an emergency not just for the housing market but for the job market too.
4 minute read

Remote Work is Here to Stay

19 Apr 22
Since the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, it has been estimated that 50% of paid hours were done remotely, compared to just 5% pre-pandemic.
1 minute read

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