The Hinderance of Inadequate Child Care Services 

Time has run out on the pandemic-era child care funding program. That presents a challenge to working parents and child care providers across the country.


Is this the moment of resurgence for cities and states in the Rust Belt that suffered in recent decades due to the "China Shock"?

Industries: Discover industry-specific insights and the state of hiring in these main sectors.

We have expanded our reporting to cover Canada and the UK.


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Canada’s Population is Booming, but is Employment Keeping Pace? 

08 Sep 23
Canada's labor market is cooling, but population growth in the country remains strong. Unemployed workers face a more difficult hiring landscape.
2 minutes

Immigration Can Plug the Gaps in the Labor Market

18 Aug 23
America’s history is rooted in an open immigration policy – and owes much of its economic success to it.
4 minutes

Canada’s Rocky Road: A Labor Market Journey 

04 Aug 23
After a strong jobs report in June, the Canadian labor market lost 6,000 jobs in July, but underlying trends remain strong.
3 minutes

The Beating Heart of the Canadian Economy Pumps On 

07 Jul 23
The Canadian labor market came back roaring in June, adding an impressive 60,000 net new jobs.
3 minutes

Schools Out, but no Summer Jobs in Sight in Canada

09 Jun 23
The Canadian labor market is showing signs of trouble. In May, employment dropped, and Gen Z students are partially to blame.
2 minutes

Let Canada Cook

06 Apr 23
With low unemployment and a booming service industry, the Canadian labor market continues to show strength, despite recessionary fears. Overall, the Canadian labor market added 35,000 new jobs, a 0.2% increase from last month’s gains. 
3 minutes

Canada’s Labor Market Sweet as Syrup

10 Mar 23
The Canadian economy added 22,000 jobs last month. Though subdued compared to January, this data shows continued labor market strength.
2 minutes

The Great Labor Market Rebalancing 

01 Mar 23
In 2022, the labor market was unpredictable. The labor market rebalance in 2023 will see a return to center for "out of whack" industries.
4 minutes

It Pays to Be Transparent

14 Nov 22
Pay transparency laws are sweeping the nation and changing the world of recruiting. How do these shifting norms impacts recruiters?
4 minutes

The Fed’s Pessimistic Outlook for 2023

27 Sep 22
The Fed's updated economic projections for 2023 and beyond featured slower growth and higher unemployment, but is this outlook a guarantee?
3 minutes

Recruitonomics Presents: Labor Market Snapshots

13 Sep 22
Our new Labor Market Snapshots will help recruiters understand the economic forces shaping their recruitment challenges.
1 minute

Inflation Isn’t a Single Number

18 Aug 22
July’s inflation numbers have sparked a debate within the economics world. Should inflation be discussed as a year over year change? Or month over month?
2 minutes

Does Colorado’s Pay Transparency Law Help Recruiters?

02 Aug 22
Pay is the most important factor when searching for a job. Salary transparency laws will help job seekers, but what's the impact on employers?
7 minutes

The Challenge of Measuring Economic Activity

26 May 22
Determining how the economy is performing is surprisingly difficult. COVID-19 made economists' jobs even harder, requiring them to develop entirely new methods to measure trends in the labor market.
2 minutes

The US Housing Crunch’s Impact on Recruiting

20 Apr 22
It’s an emergency not just for the housing market but for the job market too.
4 minute read

Remote Work is Here to Stay

19 Apr 22
Since the rise of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, it has been estimated that 50% of paid hours were done remotely, compared to just 5% pre-pandemic.
1 minute read

The Not So Great Resignation

12 Apr 22
Quits rates are at an all time high, reaching 3.0% in November of 2021. Interpreting this trend has two camps: a cultural shift where people have a lower willingness to work, or a cyclic pattern exhibited during times of quick economic recovery.
1 minute read

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