Recruitonomics Presents: Labor Market Snapshots

Author: Sam Kuhn
13 Sep 22

These new reports will help recruiters navigate the ever-changing recruitment landscape.

Starting today, Recruitonomics will release a new tool for recruiters: monthly “Labor Market Snapshots.” These reports will focus on the current employment landscape across a variety of industries. Within the reports, there will be four distinct categories: employment, wages, openings and turnover, and recruitment marketing. These reports will cover the following industries: 

The goal of these reports is to provide high-level, industry-specific summaries to demystify the economic forces behind recruitment challenges. Each report will feature seven core charts, each one providing must-see data on the trends within each industry. The charts and analysis will allow recruiters to understand the strengths and weaknesses of a given sector, and therefore the recruiting landscape.

Say the “Retail Labor Market Snapshot” shows strong wage gains and increasing recruitment costs. Recruiters may notice a highly competitive recruiting landscape. On the other hand, if the “Construction Labor Market Snapshot” shows job losses and decreasing recruiting costs, this industry could be easier to hire for. Shedding light on these sometimes confounding economic forces is exactly our goal at Recruitonomics. These reports will help you navigate your industry’s ever-evolving labor demand and supply trends – and how those shifts will impact recruiting. 

Sam Kuhn
Economic Data Analyst

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