The Hinderance of Inadequate Child Care Services 

Time has run out on the pandemic-era child care funding program. That presents a challenge to working parents and child care providers across the country.


Is this the moment of resurgence for cities and states in the Rust Belt that suffered in recent decades due to the "China Shock"?

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We have expanded our reporting to cover Canada and the UK.


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“Greedflation” Isn’t to Blame for High Inflation

29 Sep 23
Corporate greed has been wrongly blamed for this bout of inflation. Greedflation isn't the problem. Excess growth and labor shortages are.
5 minutes

Is the American Rust Belt Primed for a Resurgence? 

26 Sep 23
Is this the moment of resurgence for cities and states in the Rust Belt that suffered in recent decades due to the "China Shock"?
4 minutes

UK Economy: No Longer Underperforming?

14 Sep 23
The story of the United Kingdom's economy lately has been one of disaster, but recent revisions may have changed the narrative.
4 minutes

High Frequency Indicators Point Towards German Contraction 

07 Sep 23
High frequency indicators allow economists to gauge economic performance in real-time and they are pointing at a German contraction.
5 minutes

Housing is Swallowing the UK Economy 

25 Aug 23
The dysfunctional housing market in the United Kingdom prevents workers from moving to highly productive cities, leading to underperformance.
4 minutes

Southern Europe Booms as the North Vacations 

23 Aug 23
After years of stagnation following the Eurozone crisis, Southern Europe has turned the tables and is now outperforming the rest of the Eurozone.
4 minutes

The Poaching Economy

15 Aug 23
Advanced economies are experiencing very tight labor markets. This worker shortage has implications for hiring. Recruiters are increasingly poaching employees rather than recruiting from a shrinking pool of unemployed, which has implications for monetary policy.
8 minutes

Jobs Numbers Are Boring Again, But That’s a Good Thing! 

04 Aug 23
The U.S. labor market added a moderate 187,000 net new jobs in July and the unemployment rate ticked down to 3.5%.
4 minutes

Is Germany the Sick Man of Europe Again? 

03 Aug 23
The German economy is once again underperforming, experiencing a technical recession earlier this year. But why is the country sick again?
6 minutes

Germany: From Sick Man of Europe to Success Story

01 Aug 23
Germany was dubbed “the sick man of Europe” in the early 2000s. Labor market reforms paired with favorable macroeconomic conditions cured the economic malaise.
4 minutes

“Full-Employment Recessions”: First Japan, Now Germany 

27 Jul 23
Japan's dismal demographic outlook has caused an interesting phenomenon: low unemployment paired with negative GDP growth. These "full employment recessions" are becoming more common in Europe.
4 minutes

The Dire State of National Healthcare in the UK

13 Jul 23
The UK's National Health System is stretched dangerously thin, with waiting lines so long people's lives are at risk. The lack of health services is also hurting the labor market.
5 minutes

Net Migration Surges, But Germany is Still Missing Skilled Workers

06 Jul 23
The German economy has benefited from a surge in immigration, but a skill mismatch is emerging.
5 minutes

The State of Global Manufacturing: US Slowing and Europe Stalled

30 Jun 23
The global manufacturing industry is being hurt by a shift in consumer preferences, especially in Europe.
5 minutes

Canada’s Path to Growth: Immigration Is the Way 

27 Jun 23
Canada’s liberal immigration policies are a success story. The country’s population recently reached 40 million, surpassing that of California.
4 minutes

Ukrainian Refugees Boost Poland’s Barren Workforce  

23 Jun 23
A massive inflow of Ukrainian refugees has boosted Poland’s labor supply and is contributing to its economy outperforming the rest of Europe.
5 minutes

UK Migration has Picked Up After Brexit 

20 Jun 23
Despite Brexit, the U.K. will remain a popular immigration destination, but the housing market will be a constraint moving forward. 
5 minutes

Don’t Expect Economic Miracles from AI Tomorrow or Even Next Year 

13 Jun 23
While there is no doubt new AI technologies like ChatGPT will boost productivity, history tells us it could take some time.
4 minutes

The Upcoming UK Mortgage Crunch

05 Jun 23
Higher interest rates are about to send U.K. mortgage rates soaring, aggravating the current cost-of-living crisis and the housing market.
5 minutes

Germany’s Technical Recession: Blame Weak Government Spending 

30 May 23
Germany is officially in a recession. Though there are declines in several industries, weak government spending is the largest drain.
5 minutes

The Bank of England Flips: Recession Averted in 2023 

23 May 23
The recession that was revised away: new economic projections from the BoE no longer show an upcoming downturn in the United Kingdom.
3 minutes

Leprechaun Economics: The Irish Growth Miracle 

16 May 23
How can a country with five million inhabitants distort the GDP of Europe, an economic area with more than 340 million people?
5 minutes

The Wage-Price Spiral: A Uniquely British Problem? 

02 May 23
Unlike other advanced economies, the U.K. is experiencing particularly sticky inflation and the real possibility of a wage-price spiral.
5 minutes

Eurozone Inflation is More Than Just a Commodity Shock – it’s Excessive Demand! 

25 Apr 23
Eurozone inflation remains too hot, but commodity prices and distorted supply chains are no longer the causes. It's excess demand.
5 minutes

The Decline of Car Manufacturing is Hurting the German Economy 

18 Apr 23
Germany's once-strong economy is stagnating, partly due to a slowdown in industrial production, especially the decline in car production.
5 minutes

The Increase in the Natural Rate of Unemployment That Never Happened 

05 Apr 23
The natural rate of unemployment is a key economic variable used by the Federal Reserve to assess the stance of monetary policy and economic growth, but it was overestimated for years.
4 minutes

BoE and Treasury at Odds About the UK’s Long-Run Capacity to Grow 

29 Mar 23
The difference between the central bank and the OBR reflects diverging assumptions about employment, worker productivity, and business investment.
4 minutes

Is the ECB Hiking the Eurozone’s Largest Economy Into Recession? 

23 Mar 23
Financial volatility has returned to the Eurozone, but the central bank continued to hike interest rates to fight inflation. Germany's economy is at risk.
5 minutes

Demography is Destiny

16 Mar 23
The post-pandemic labor market has been extremely tight with many vacancies left unfilled.
5 minutes

In the United Kingdom, Consumers Perk Up

28 Feb 23
In the UK, consumer confidence and business sentiment are gradually increasing, as the economy continues to evade a massive downturn.
4 minutes

The United Kingdom Is Missing Workers

23 Feb 23
Economic growth in the United Kingdom depends on the strength of the labor force. But Brexit, demographic declines, and long-term health issues threaten that strength.
4 minutes

Unfortunately, Hard And Soft Data Agree In The UK 

10 Feb 23
While soft and hard data are disconnected in other countries, the United Kingdom is doing just as poorly as workers and businesses believe.
5 minutes

Soft Data Hums Recession, but Hard Data Sings a Different Song 

08 Feb 23
Many forecasters have been predicting a large economic contraction for Germany in 2023 due to the spike in energy prices, but the economy has been surprisingly resilient until now.
6 minutes

The BoE’s Renewed “Optimism” About the Economic Outlook

02 Feb 23
The Bank of England's new economic projections show much less pessimism about the labor market and economic growth in the short term.
3 minutes

Will the Bank of England Engineer a Long-Lasting Recession? 

25 Jan 23
While a U.K. recession is highly likely, there is a lot of uncertainty on how deep and prolonged the economic downturn will be.
5 minutes

Is the UK Headed for a White-Collar Recession? 

20 Jan 23
Even though the British economy is in a downturn, the labor market might hold up better this time than during the typical recession, especially since there is still a shortage of blue-collar jobs due to Brexit.
4 minutes

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