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Party like it's 1998

Party Like It’s 1998

The bottom 25% of earners are gaining wages at the highest rate since 1998. Gains made by first quartile earners are outpacing those of higher quartiles by at least a full percent. 

Visualizing The Current Job Landscape

Visualizing The Current Job Landscape

The current labor market is often described as “tight,” and it may be hard to visualize what that really means. Considering the ratio of unemployed people to job openings gives a clearer picture of exactly how tight or slack the labor market is.

Fun Summer Plans

Fun Summer Plans? Get in Line

Summer is upon us. School’s out, vacations are beginning, and people are ready to hit their favorite seasonal locales. However, facing a labor shortage, businesses might have a hard time keeping up this summer.

Demand For Workers Remained Strong In April

Employers are still desperate for workers. Layoffs are rare, despite anecdotes to the contrary. Quitting remained elevated, but the “Great Resignation” isn’t getting worse (for now).

The Challenge of Measuring Economic Activity

The Challenge of Measuring Economic Activity

Determining how the economy is performing is surprisingly difficult. COVID-19 made economists’ jobs even harder, requiring them to develop entirely new methods to measure trends in the labor market.

The Looming Economic Challenge Most People Aren’t Aware Of

How does economic growth happen? It’s a hard question to answer but economists have tried for centuries. Perhaps the most famous model came from MIT economist Robert Solow in 1956. The Solow growth model specifies three factors that fuel growth: productivity, capital, and labor. 

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